About ERPNext

Open Source ERP & CRM for Business
(SME, freelancers, non-profit organizations)

An all-in-one and easy to use suite

• Enable only the feature the business expects: Depends on the needs of the business – only the relevant module – sales, human resources, logistics, stock, invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, marketing can be setup to match the business requirement.

• Double entry in the Information System : Integration between the features / modules is ready “out-of-the-box”. So, without customization, users are immediately ready to work.
• Upgrade at any time : Upgrades of new versions are, by design, integrated into development process, so customer can upgrade at any time to the latest version, whatever is the current version, without losing any data. Users always benefits the latest features and innovations.
• An extensible application with the business growth : ERPNext market place is available to all developers and organizations, to centralize several hundreds of external add-ons, done to enhance the application for each specific new need. The business can extend the possibility of the ERPNext application without any coding development. ERPNext is running on Frappe framework – so the custom development can be done if the standard features are not enough for the business.

A FOSS (Free Open Source Software) model

• A more competitive solution : Due to ERPNext’s Open Source and free model, several thousand of developers, testers, translators and end users works on the project. That’s why it’s possible to be always at the forefront of innovation.
• The easiest ERP and CRM of the market : The Open Source model allows ERPNext to have a very large end users base, so ERPNext can enhance the user interface from a lot of real end users feedback and contributions. This is an important factor why ERPNext became so user friendly.

A multi-distribution model in a rich eco-system

• Install the application wherever the companies want to have: Customers can install and use ERPNext as a local application or online on a mutualized, dedicated or virtual machine to use it from anywhere and any device.
• Available on all infrastructure : ERPNext is available to be implemented in Ubuntu Server. ERPNext is not only available as an application to install on-premise, but also as a SaaS application on ready to use as Cloud services. Customers can use either Frappe cloud or any other Cloud services of their choices like AWS or Azure.

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